10 Travel love story writing prompts

Traveling around the world is the perfect setting for love story whatever you wanted it to be the saddest thing ever or as sappy as possible. Two people on the other side of the world far from their homes. It won’t get a lot more romantic than that if you ask my opinion. These prompts are things I have seen happening, thought would happen or partly happened to me on my travels. Every single one of these prompts could really happen in the travel world.

My writing prompts blogging series is here to awake your writing inspiration. Check out more prompts and start writing daily. You don’t have to use these prompts to write a whole book or tens of pages. No, just take pen to your hand or start the computer and write. 10 minutes. What comes to your mind of the prompt I gave for you? 20 minutes. How much could you write? 2 hours. Congratulation, you may have accidentally written a real story! (Photo by Verrecchia)

1. I’m staying in hostel and you sleep in the bed above me but we haven’t yet met because our schedules are totally different. I wake up early to see the city while you return back in the middle of the night. Only thing I know about you is that our music taste is alarmingly similar. It’s starting to be annoying so could you maybe stop listening to music so loudly in at 4 am? Oh shit, you’re handsome/beautiful!

2. Lonely boy has decided to jump down from the top of a popular tourist attraction (Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Ferris Wheel, whatever you know the best). He ends up helping a girl whose hair has clung to the safety net.

3. “This is not a pickup line but have we met before?” When you travel around the world and stay hostels eventually you will meet other travelers again.

4. “I’m a boyish girl and they accidentally put me in the boy’s dorm room. I didn’t mean to spy but I may have accidentally seen your dick. Sorry…”

5. Culture problems can make finding friends or falling in love difficult. In some countries crossing your fingers means you’re lying while in other countries it means you’re hoping for something to happen. We just kissed for goodbye and you promise to see me in Barcelona but you kept your fingers crossed. Now I’m crying because I think you were lying.

6. A girl is scared to death while walking at night time in foreigner country because someone keeps running behind her and screaming. Boy tries to return a wallet for mysterious figure that keeps running away from him in the dark streets of his hometown.

7. “I may have dropped my water bottle at your head in the middle of the night. Could I maybe get it back and take you to coffee as an apology?”

8. We keep meeting at the odd hours of the night in our hostel’s common room. I’m insomniac and you work the night shift in closeby bar. We change greetings, sometimes even talk a little bit about whatever but at some point I have started to wonder if you’re only a creation of my imagination. We only meet at night time when there’s no one else around. So, I’m not stalking you. This is just research.

9. Two people sit next to each other in an airplane. They don’t know each other but they share a problem: They’re both scared to death of flying.

10. “This is kind of awkward but I wanted to inform you that I’m not really married. This ring in my finger is only for safety purposes. So, totally single if you ever need a company to see the Eiffel Tower.”

Writing about traveling and love can be an exciting experience. Just let go and see what happens! Do you have any interesting travel love stories or ideas that could be made to writing prompts?

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.
– Anita Desai